OCD Treatment Consultation

OCD Treatment Consultation for Families

This service is for families with children with severe/complex or rapidly worsening OCD who need immediate help with finding appropriate treatment.

Dr. Jenks will provide assessment, treatment recommendations, treatment planning, initial parent training, consultation to current therapist (if child is in therapy), treatment coordination and assistance with placement with an outpatient OCD Specialist or a higher level of care such as an Intensive Outpatient Program, Partial Hospitalization Program or Residential Treatment program.

Dr. Jenks will work with you and your therapist (if you currently have one) to determine your child’s needs and identify potential treatment options. These treatment options may or may not be in California (there is a shortage of treatment options so occasionally we may need to consider out-of-state placement).  Recommendations are based on Dr. Jenks’ experience, expertise, and consultation with other experts in the field.

If interested in Treatment Consultation please email Dr. Jenks at admin@bayareaocd.com to inquire about availability.