“Birdy,” Age 12, OCD


“Birdy” (her nickname) entered our Intensive Outpatient Program in April of 2014. When we met Birdy she was experiencing very severe OCD which made it difficult for her to walk, eat, go to school, and do most basic activities. Every moment of her day was filled with stomping, blinking, tapping, and other movements meant to ward off sickness. Not only was Birdy consumed by rituals, she was also fearful of hundreds of words that OCD associated with sickness.  This made it difficult to write, say or hear words such as ballerina blonde, nine, and blue.   Birdy had become trapped by her OCD and she was no longer the happy, vivacious kid she was before.  Birdy missed her old self and wanted to return to who she was before OCD. Every day that Birdy practiced ERP she got stronger and stronger. Some of her biggest early accomplishments were walking and getting in and out of the car without rituals. With each passing day she learned how to weaken her OCD by “bossing it back” and “messing up” her rituals.  What used to be an elaborate stomping ritual became a silly dance chosen by Birdy. OCD was no longer in charge!  Instead of returning to the girl she was before OCD, she transformed into a girl who was stronger and braver than we could have imagined.

Birdy’s experience of overcoming OCD inspired her to become an OCD advocate.

We are delighted to support this budding young film-maker share her inspiring story with others.  Here is “My OCD Story” directed and produced entirely by Birdy.

Read “A Mother’s Story” by Birdy’s mother.